The Stacks

The Faction wants YOU!... create amusing and enlightening apocryphal works - narrative, poetic, graphic or even musical - about the world they live in. And this is where we keep them.


Preference will be given to work set in the Faction Paradox continuity - the canon established by the Faction Paradox novels (published by Mad Norwegian and Random Static), comics (published by Image) and audios (published by BBV and Magic Bullet).

We also accept crossover works or works in other fandoms, which feature Faction Paradox universe-specific characters or situations, recognizable from either the "Faction Canon" as described above, or the Doctor Who Evil Renegade / Faction Paradox crossover continuity (embodied in Alien Bodies, Interference and The Taking of Planet 5, published by BBC Books).

All works must be completed, or at least have some kind of comprehensible storyline if incomplete. The Archivist also reserves the right not to publish anything that just plain sucks.

The Archivist does not have time to beta-read or copy-edit your work. Please do so for yourself before submitting it. If your grammar and spelling are extremely bad, we reserve the right to reject your work. If your grammar and spelling are just a little bit bad, we will print them unedited so everyone can laugh at you.

Please submit all your work - in RTF, PDF, DOC, ODT or HTML form for text, MP3 or OGG form for music, and GIF, JPG or PNG for for artwork - to the Archivist. Please note which name you want your work to be credited - your own name, or a pseudonym. We will only accept work that you own the copyright for or for which you have the express permission of the copyright holder. Please give prior warning if anything larger than 1M is coming our way.

This is an unauthorised and unofficial fansite. Faction Paradox is created and owned by Lawrence Miles and licensed to Random Static Publishing and Magic Bullet Productions. All characters and situations depicted herein are copyright their respective owners and/or creators, whose moral and legal rights we cherish and uphold.