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This is the repository for Faction Paradox, Spiral Politic and War In Heaven-related imagery and iconography.

Archived on this site

Title Author Thumbnail/Link Notes
Act of Severance unknown (possibly Byzantine iconographer?) Act of Severance -
Cousin Kresta Ve Coglana Shuncucker Brad Coffey Cousin Kresta Ve Coglana Shuncucker -
Cousin Rook Contumacy Singh Cousin Rook -
Faction Paradox Matthew Thompson Faction Paradox -
Faction Paradox Mask Matthew Thompson Faction Paradox Mask -
Godfather Megatherium Lawrence Burton Godfather Megatherium GIMP collage
Interference Ushas the Rani Interference -
Map of Westminster in the Eleven-Day Empire Curufea Map of Westminster in the Eleven-Day Empire -
Newspaper from September 4, 1752 Curufea Newspaper from September 4, 1752 -
Paradox Cultist Lawrence Burton Paradox Cultist acrylic on paper
Romance Lawrence Burton Romance acrylic on paper
Romance (sketch)Lawrence Burton Romance (sketch) GIMP collage

Archived elsewhere (external links)

Title/Link Author
untitled (Evil Renegade and Faction agents) unknown - appeared in Doctor Who Magazine
Faction One John Baker
Time Bomb crutchoffalstaff

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