The Stacks

We are the Faction

by Cousin Doloras

(tune: Motörhead, "We Are The Road Crew")

Another time, another place

Another cult in bony face

Consumed by War without a trace

Another timeline gone to hell

Another tale we'll never tell

We need another voodoo spell

I swore it should work like a charm

I swore on the Grandfather's arm

It didn't work, I've come to harm

We are the Faction

Celesti meme-mines in our way

I wonder what the spirits say

I wonder if it's not our day

Another biodata heist

The Houses are not well advised

To get between us and our prize

Another plot I've set in motion

Rituals and magic potions

Sex and drugs and time implosions

We are the Faction

Another cell that was too brave

Confronted by the Second Wave

Another cell gone to the grave

The Empire's calling on the screen

The Commons don't like what they've seen

The Godfathers are looking mean

Another sacrifice to bleed

But I still love the life I lead

Another drink is what I need

We are the Faction

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