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In the name of the Grandfather and of the Spirits we welcome you, gentle reader.

Act of Severance

The image above was supplied by an anonymous source, and is purportedly a record of an eighth century icon destroyed during the reign of Emperor Leo V the Armenian. A more detailed reproduction is available under Hollow Spectaculars.

The Stacks aims to be your one-stop shop for all existing and available apocrypha and fanwork from or concerning the Faction Paradox universe. If you are not familiar with the Faction, the War in Heaven, the Spiral Politic or the other denizens thereof, Random Static Publishing has a quick introduction for you here.

The term "apocrypha" can refer to false, doubtful, non-canonical, anonymous or hidden works. Considering the extremely provisional and cloudy nature of the history of the Spiral Politic in the War Era, we think this is a fine term to refer to fan writing, fan art, filks, parodies, and everything else creative but non-canonical in the Faction Paradox universe. Given the ongoing state of time-active warfare, everything depicted or described on this site may have existed... before being retroactively annulled by one War-time power or another.

So, welcome to this small but feisty collection of stories, songs, jokes of questionable taste, voodoo do-it-yourself guides, etc, etc. Enter, read... and contribute.

Cousin Doloras, Archivist-in-Extraordinary to the Eleven-Day Empire



Fanfiction, filks, and any other written material we can find. We aim that everything available will be archived here (if possible), linked to (if online) or at least fully referenced. In the longer term, we hope to republish little-known Faction-related stories which appeared in print but have never been online or have long since disappeared.


The Book of the War is the basic reference guide to the War-era Spiral Politic, the four-dimensional battlefield on which the Faction go about their nefarious business. This wiki contains non-canonical and fan-written addendums to this tome. Feel free to make your own additions or corrections, but be warned: peer review is a harsh mistress.


Fan-art and other graphical offerings to the loa.

This is an unauthorised and unofficial fansite. Faction Paradox is created and owned by Lawrence Miles and licensed to Random Static Publishing and Magic Bullet Productions. All characters and situations depicted herein are copyright their respective owners and/or creators, whose moral and legal rights we cherish and uphold.